Keeping Sane in a Crazy World - Guided Mediatation Course by Orange Lotus Yoga


Classes start 13th March,  2019 to 26th, June 2019 (no class on 29th of May)  

Take the most amazing journey of your life – journey into yourself and learn how to meditate. Meditation is proven to “rewire” the brain and have calming impact on mind and body. It helps you to discover and increase your own potential. It has been proven scientifically that there are different stages of brain activity and by meditating (and in deep relaxation) we can influence our state of mind in a controlled, awake way and move it to a theta wave state which is possible during sleep. It has been proven to be a more efficient way of energising the body than sleep.

Mindful Meditation class for wellbeing – Mixed Ability Class beginners welcome

£7 per class *

  • Class is £7 but if you attend 9 classes the 10th is for free so you pay £6.30 per class!
  • Come and join us at any point of the course, the classes are beneficial as individual classes also
  • Class Saver - Bank Transfer available for 10 classes paid in advance - saving £10 on 10 classes
  • £60 for 10 classes




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