Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercise Classes


Do you live with a long-term lung condition, where everyday activities such as walking or climbing stairs gets harder? That’s where our exercise classes come in:

Our programme includes weekly exercise classes designed for people with lung conditions, with the aim of building your fitness, helping your lungs and heart work better, enabling you to manage your condition, that’s tailored to you. Run in partnership with the NHS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service.

The classes are held weekly in a gym environment with trained COPD Exercise Instructors.

All classes cost £3.60 per session membership options available.

Phone: 01625 383943
Email: EBHealthy@everybody.org.uk

Service Details

Everybody Sport & Recreation
Service Type:
Health and Wellbeing
How is the service provided?:
  • Face to face
All classes cost £3.60 per session membership options available
Is a referral required?:
Additional Referral Information:
Currently self referral is not permitted onto our Pulmonary Rehabilitation exercise classes, please speak to your G.P or Pulmonary Rehabilitation Nurse to be referred.

This page was last updated on 17 May 2019

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This page was last updated on 17 May 2019