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Many mums-to-be are turning to pre-natal (ante-natal) yoga as a form of relaxation and to keep fit during pregnancy. 

I will teach you the yoga styles and movements that are safe for you and your baby. Yoga is an excellent way to tone up for the birth by making your body more flexible and toning up your muscles.

Additionally, it teaches breathing skills and reduces stress, both of which are positive and useful at the time of the birth. During the pregnancy, the extra strain on your body can produce aches and pains, often in the back. The posture development learnt from yoga can help to reduce the stresses and strains on your system, helping you to enjoy the pregnancy even more.

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Saffron Yoga
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£42 - 6 weeks course
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18:00 -19:30 - Macclesfield Hospital, Antenatal Clinic
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19:00 - 20:30 - Macclesfield Library
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This page was last updated on 08 August 2017


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