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School nurses are based at a number of health centres and children's centres across Cheshire East.

  • They provide a universal service for all pupils.
  • They provide individualised care plans to ensure pupils’ health needs are addressed in school.
  • They provide confidential ‘Drop-in’ clinics within high schools to facilitate pupils transition to addressing their own health needs.
  • They are able monitor pupils’ health.
  • All pupils are offered the relevant vaccinations within the childhood immunisation programme.
  • The nurses advise parents, educational colleagues and other professionals regarding the health needs of their pupils.
  • They provide annual training for staff e.g. epipen
  • They provide health promotion
  • The nurses liaise/work collaboratively with many other health professionals

They have a safeguarding role, providing reports, attending meetings and working as part of a multi-agency team in the best interest of pupils on early offer help, child in need, child protection and cared for plans. Completing annual health assessments as required. The School Health Service covers Central and Eastern Cheshire. It consists of qualified nurses, some of whom have a specialist qualification in Public Health, and School Health Support workers who have undergone specific training for their role. The teams have experience in child and adult health and health promotion.

They offer appointments at schools, in clinics, and do home visits if necessary. They hold school nurse ‘drop-in’ sessions at high schools for pupils and at primary schools for parents when required.

The School Health Nurses have a responsibility to offer advice and support, and to act as advocates for all children and young people whether they attend school, or are educated elsewhere.

Please note that when we return your call it may show an 0151 number on your phone.

Cheshire East School Nurses

  • Broken Cross Children's Centre - Tel: 0300 123 4067
  • Congleton Children's Centre - Tel: 0300 123 4311
  • Oakenclough Children's Centre, Wilmslow - Tel: 0300 123 4290
  • Knutsford Children's Centre - Tel: 0300 123 4059
  • Poynton Children's Centre - Tel: 0300 123 9273
  • Eaglebridge, Crewe - Tel: 0300 123 4578
  • Salinae, Middlewich and Immunisation Team - Tel: 0300 123 4597
  • Alsager - Tel: 0300 1234 898
  • Church View, Nantwich - Tel: 0300 1234 929
  • School Nurse Immunisation Team - Tel: 0300 123 4607

Service Details

Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust
Service Type:
Health and Wellbeing
Age Range:
School nursing deals with children and young people age 5-19 years but works as part of wider 0-19 service alongside Health Visiting
Is a referral required?:
Additional Referral Information:
Phone call, letter or email.
Areas covered in Cheshire East:
  • All Areas of Cheshire East
How is the service provided?:
  • Telephone
  • Post
  • Email
  • Face to face
  • Within the Community
  • Home visit
  • In Your Home
Capacity of service:
Each individual’s needs are assessed in a timely manner and either seen or referred on as necessary.
Additional information for assistance with communication:
Available on request

Opening Times

Days service available:
  • Weekdays only
Opening Times - Monday:
09.00 - 17.00
Opening Times - Tuesday:
09.00 - 17.00
Opening Times - Wednesday:
09.00 - 17.00
Opening Times - Thursday:
09.00 - 17.00
Opening Times - Friday:
09.00 - 17.00
Opening Times - Saturday:
Opening Times - Sunday:
Additional Opening Times:

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This page was last updated on 25 April 2019


Contact Details

Contact Name:
Elizabeth Jones (Service Lead 0-19 East Cheshire)
0300 123 4665
Contact Name:
Fiona Campbell (School Nurse Professional Lead)
0300 123 4665